Erotic Massage Prices in Bucharest

When in Bucharest, embark yourself in the train of pleasure, and visit an erotic massage parlour. But first, you have to know all the features it involves, such as: erotic massage prices in Bucharest, types or locations. We have made a bit of research and found out the best quality/price ratio of the top types of erotic massage in Bucharest.

Inspired by ancient yoga techniques, erotic massage has been practiced with greatness by the most beautiful masseuses in Bucharest. Spice up your experience with a nude erotic massage. As its names implies, this particular type of massage offers you a whole new perspective of eroticism. Enhance your senses for 60 minutes and start with the basic Body2Body erotic massage at Mon Amour for only 70 €. Normally, similar services would cost you over 200€ in countries like Germany or Austria.

Imagine sitting in a nicely decorated room, making you feel like you are part of a movie scene. As you might have guessed, the is Mon Amour’s Role Play massage. Enjoy 60 minutes with a beautiful woman, all dressed up in a sexy costume, who can make you forget about your worries and relieve all your tension for just 90€. Furthermore, you can take all the action to a jacuzzi for 15 minutes and just 25€ more.

However, let’s say that you want to spend your night with your soulmate. For that, Mon Amour will provide with the Body2Body Couple massage that will cost you 125€ with one masseuse or 190€ with 2 of them. Also, you can get things hot by taking a 15 minute visit to the sauna for 25€.

The best thing about erotic massage is that it doesn’t set any boundaries. Play it your way and choose to combine different types of erotic massage with 1, 2, or even 3 masseuses for as much as you want.

These are some of the erotic massage prices in Bucharest. Decide upon the experience you want to receive and choose from a wide variety of erotic massage types. When in Bucharest, satisfy your deepest fantasies.